Jos. T. Fewkes & Co. supplies tachometer generators and fractional DC motors and replacement parts for the manufacturer who purchased the rights from the General Electric Co. This manufacturer also owns the drawings and specifications generated by GE. They are licensed by GE to produce genuine replacements. Jos. T. Fewkes & Co. is an authorized distributor of these products.

Tachometer Generators

A tachometer is a device used for measuring rotational speed of a shaft and converting it into a voltage so that it can be measured.  By measuring the voltage produced by a tachometer, one can determine the rotational speed.  The purpose of tach feedback is to improve the motor’s regulation under varying speed and load conditions.

DC Specialty Motors

In addition to GE integral motors and Bodine Electric motors and controls, Jos. T. Fewkes & Co. supplies fractional DC motors once manufactured by GE.  We are an authorized distributor for these NEMA 56 frame motors ranging in HP from ¼ to 1 HP.

Replacement Parts

If you need replacement parts for these tachometer generators and small DC motors, Jos. T. Fewkes & Co. can quickly supply your needs.  Carbon brushes, brush holders, armatures, base kits and fans are available for quick delivery.

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